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moneyAre you searching for a means to have additional money? While you may have a full time job that is able to pay the bills, you could use extra cash to travel or even save for a home or retirement. We all want to have financial comfort, but some jobs just don’t provide the extra money we hope to obtain in life. All it takes is the right system to be able to achieve a higher cash flow, and to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur. As a driven mentor within this industry, I’ll provide you with the means to succeed and introduce you to this lucrative system.


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sunset-summer-golden-hour-paul-filitchkin-mediumThis system is known as cash gifting. This has acted as a legitimate source of revenue for people around the globe and can be your next opportunity. The best part about this system is the flexibility of it. I know that some people are going to feel uneasy about taking on a new opportunity, especially one that simply requires the use of the internet to be successful. That is why you can keep your current job while bringing in more cash as you’re working this system on the side. There are no set hours, no weekly requirement of work; It’s all up to you. How you choose to work this system to your advantage and how much time you choose to dedicate to it; It’s all up to you. There is a potential for a lot of extra cash. In fact, many people have ended up quitting their jobs to dedicate themselves full time to this amazing opportunity. It’s all dependent on the lifestyle that you wish to obtain for yourself and your family.


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My name is Harris Hartman.  I was a trucker for over 30 years as an employee, however, on the side over the years I have had a number of entrepreneurial endeavors, all with partners.  I was in the heavy equipment earth moving business, the paint manufacturing business, the yacht chartering business, and even ventured into the night club business!  After retiring, I knew I needed a means to make additional money to live my desired lifestyle.  I wanted to be financially comfortable and still do the things I love.  I sought out additional work as a means to keep busy during retirement.  That is how I came across this cash gifting system.  It is a way to use my skills and keep a consistent flow of additional cash coming in.  While working as a trucker, I picked up an interest in sailboat racing, and within 3 years I won my first national championship.  Two years later I won my second national championship in another class.  I moved into bigger boats that were ocean capable and I picked up 2 partners, who were also champions, and we stayed together for 18 years building bigger boats and winning more, including a North American Championship. My point here is that I understand challenging opportunity and know how to work well with it.  Currently I travel the world with my wife who is a surgeon.  We travel to third world countries so she can repair cleft lips and palates, and do burn revisions for children.  The extra money I am able to gain through cash gifting helps us maintain this endeavor.  I’ll help you get started with this system, just give me a call today to learn more.


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